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A Holistic Portrait Session

Capturing this session for Rachel and really getting to know her was so incredible for us! We loved her enthusiasm and passion for her client's that she works with. We left the session feeling inspired by her approach and will definitely be following along in her approaches and thinking towards living a healthier lifestyle.

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Portrait of a Painter

On a brisk Sunday morning we met at a studio to capture Isha Dami's portrait session. With all of her art supplies, an easel, and her canvas I knew this portrait session was going to be something truly different. I loved capturing not only Isha's beautiful style but also her painting outfit! When she insisted on having fun with the paint, I got so excited to capture her true personality!

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Honeybee Meals

Amy Sherman began Honey Bee Meals in December 2015 due to the demand from her clients, family & friends to make eating well stress-free and delicious. What started in her parent’s kitchen, has now grown into one of the top meal delivery options in the city! We loved capturing this session for Amy and really getting to know her! Her drive and ambition was contagious, and we have to say her food is very delicious as well!

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