Interactive iPad App
Agency: Critical Mass
Creative Director: Jon Toews
Art Director: Min Kang & Alex Shutin
Role: Designer

Cannes Silver Lion for Online Digital Design

FWA Mobile Site of the Day

The Massey iPad app needed to be a one-stop experience to dive headfirst into the entire world of Massey Lectures and open the possibility that a user could ostensibly collect the entire history of Massey Lectures and content in one place. Furthermore, the client needed a solution that progressively increased book sales and expanded the audience beyond the realm of the “high-brow” academic types. All these requirements needed to be encapsulated in a package that effectively rebranded the Masseys in a simplified, broader context that encouraged users to spend long, quality time with the big ideas of the text.

We distilled our key insight - that “spending time with the Masseys was time well spent” - into actionable design tenets. Simplicity should reign -- cut out the noise. Let the words speak clearly. Never impede the user’s exploration. From this, we cultivated a design framework that emphasized the user’s need to curl up in their favourite nook and spend quality time with the Masseys. The final product unites these concepts into a sleek, clean, and direct interface that celebrates the thematic connections shared by Massey lectures as the natural starting point for contextual book-bundling and user engagement.