Reimagining a traditional magazine on a digital platform.



As Nissan’s luxury subsidiary, Infiniti is focussed on how the brand makes you feel. Infiniti was looking for a way to drive a broader audience to their existing brand magazine, Adeyaka. They were looking for a way to demonstrate that they belong to the same league as established, European premium car manufacturers.



Their consumer is progressive, self-driven, and forward-looking. They are looking for differentiation.



We focussed on their consumer’s mindset – what drives them and what they’re looking for. By digitizing the magazine, Infiniti is able to connect with their audience wherever they are.



By redesigning the magazine in a digital format we were able to link consumers to brand related content and build a story around the brand that was highly interactive at every touchpoint.



Designed and programmed the interactive features of the digital version of the magazine from initial concepts to project completion.



We turned the still photos of each article into subtle animations, elevating every turn of the page.