Family Sunrise Session at The Beach

When I first moved to Toronto 4 years ago, I went online to find an apartment and admittedly was super nervous for what I would find. I would sit in class during the last few months of my post grad classes and click refresh on the rental listings just waiting for the one. And then it happened, I saw this beautiful basement apartment in the east end that couldn't be better! I was right away thinking surely this has to be a scam, it's brand new, it's furnished, it's right by a bus stop - but I decided to call anyways! The nicest person in the world answered and I admittedly came on SUPER strong saying how perfect the place was and that I absolutely needed to come see it and I had everything they required already printed off.

That night my sister left work early and came to get me from school to drive me an hour to Toronto to go see this place. Speaking sister code we kept giving each other glances as we saw the apartment and we both couldn't believe it to be true, not only was the apartment perfect but the landlords were absolutely incredible. For the next 3 years I would live with these people and see them everyday, and it was the best 3 years of my life. 

Ali and Alex have been a huge inspiration to me, teaching me never to settle, to always stand up for myself, and to go for my dreams. They'll never know how much they really have impacted me, but I always will continue to remind them. Ali and Alex, thank you. Watching your family grow and getting to be a part of your biggest milestones as a family has been such an incredible time in my life, I love you guys like family!