Ida Family Session

This family session was unlike any other! Brett contacted me a few months ago to set a date for this session and mentioned that he had family visiting from out of the country, so a photoshoot would be a great way to document everyone being together again! Little did I know that they would all have the cutest accents and that I would fall in love with this family!

The grandma and grandpa were visiting from England, and Brett's sister and her family were here all the way from New Zealand. The grandpa had such a huge impact on me, I want to share this little story with you. 

Every family session I capture I make it my goal to bring everyone to life, I want that little glitter in people's eye, I want that giggle that happens in the split of a second – I want each moment to be captured in a way that can't be recreated. As I captured each photo in this session I could just feel it, I knew these photos were going to be some of my favourites, and then the grandpa in his adorable english accent pulled me aside and said this: "You have a real gift you know, you bring out the best in people and that's a real talent. You can really tell this is your natural gift, and you're very good at it." Well, I gave him the biggest hug immediately and my heart melted! This grandpa was so sweet and for him to say this to me meant everything