I am so excited to work with you! I know it can be a bit overwhelming to be making changes to your business, but I promise I will make the branding and site design aspect of it as easy as possible for you.

Getting Started

To get started, I'll request the first instalment from you via PayPal and the second instalment will be due once we complete the site and have all the assets designed. Once we get started, the brand design process takes 2 - 3 weeks, at which time you will receive a link with the branding options I have designed. Included in the cost is one round of revisions on the logos, so we will end up with a brand that you truly love! 

The time that I spend to develop your brand gives you a great chance to work on gathering a few items for your new site.

  • Any inspiration you may have for you new brand. If you have a Pinterest board for this, I'd love to see it! You can invite me to it on Pinterest using my username daniellegiroux
  • 4 - 6 of your favourite images for the temporary landing page that I will design for you while your site is under construction
  • Your galleries sent to me in separate folders however you typically deliver galleries to your clients (example: Pixieset, Dropbox)
Name *
As you want it to appear in your logo. For example: "Danielle Giroux", "Danielle Giroux Photography" or perhaps for your company you don't use your personal name so maybe it is "A Moment in Time"
Domain Information
Wordpress Information
If you have an existing wordpress site that you would like to export existing blog posts from, please provide the login information.
The url for your Wordpress login
Site Host Information
This is the login information that you use to sign into Squarespace or ShowIt5.
Facebook Information
This information is used to connect your Facebook page to your new site.
Instagram Information
This information is used to connect your Instagram account to your new site.
Pinterest Information
This information is used to connect your pinterest page to your new site.
I always say that designing a brand and site for photographers is comparable to wedding dress shopping! I need to know if there are any brands or sites that you love that way I can break down what aspects attract you from those specific pieces. Choose any one of the options below so I know what to keep my eye out for :)
To begin development of your site, I will need the galleries that you would like to have featured. Separated into folders (example: 1 folder for weddings, 1 folder for families, and 1 folder for newborns). Please indicate below how you will be sending me your gallery images:
About You
This will help me to write the content throughout your site and especially to construct the paragraph for your about page.
This is a great opportunity to connect with the potential clients you want to have! Do you run marathons? Have you cooked every one of the Pioneer Woman’s dessert recipes? Do you board foster pets? Have you eaten sushi with Lady Gaga? Include snippets of what makes you interesting.