Agency: ICF Olson
Creative Director: Dylan Gerard
Role: Art Director
Copywriter: Stephen Sinisi

A Distinct Identity For a Distinct Brand

MOVATI Athletic is an Ontario fitness club that has been around since 1997. With an offering that is both premium and affordable, they occupy a unique space in the fitness category. But for many years, that offering was getting lost.

In the fitness category, the majority of ads from the majority of gyms look exactly the same: busy designs, standard stock photograpy of models smiling at the camera, and aggressive messaging. MOVATI’s ads were no different. If we wanted them to stand out, we had to show people what makes them different.

From the beginning, the goal of our re-brand was to create a connection between our work and the experience of being a member of MOVATI. We wanted it to look and feel as elevated as their clubs. We achieved this by including more white space in their designs, using their actual clubs and members in their photography, and elevating their messaging.


Elevating Their Communications

MOVATI is a premium fitness club with affordable membership rates. In order to accurately convey the experience of being a MOVATI member, we had to elevate their communications: more white space, authentic photography and cleaner, more elegant graphic separations that are inspired by the angles and elements of the logo itself. We also elevated their copy in key mediums like print and radio, giving their audience a better understanding of who they are and what they believe in as a brand.


Developing a holistic retail experience

The new brand identity we created for MOVATI goes beyond traditional mediums like print and radio. It also extends to the in-club experience, with inspirational wall art, posters, and brochures. With new welcome kits and collateral currently being developed, we are in the process of finding new and exciting ways to create a seamless, holistic experience across all of MOVATI’s touchpoints.

Brand Guidelines

Designed a comprehensive brand guidelines that addresses every touch point of the brand. We looked at every aspect: their tone, design elements, collateral, out of home, and online presence.


I captured a series of 35 subjects to detail the members, group classes, and moments in fitness that make Movati a unique fitness experience.

Out of home

Designed a series of billboards that focus specifically on the brand statement and drove awareness of what Movati stands for.



We designed their offers in a way that was elegant and unified.


Transit Ads

We wanted to tell the story of Movati, and with a captive commuting audience we chose transit ads as the right place to go into detail about the brands beliefs and core values.