Introducing: Shop The Image



IKEA’s website has long featured beautiful photography that showcases the versatility of their products. From immaculate kitchens, to cozy living rooms, and organized bedrooms – you can get everything you need for the perfect home at IKEA. However, there wasn’t a way for a consumer to immediately purchase the items they saw in an image the moment they found them. They would have to guess which category the product fell into and then explore that categories 100s of products.



When IKEA advertises it’s sales events the traffic that is driven to the site is after an exact item, and with 100s of items to go through the path to purchase can be difficult and often lead to abandoned carts. I focussed on the importance of finding the exact item you are looking for, right when you arrive on the homepage.



I created “shop the image” for IKEA. A way for consumers to select the product directly from the image and click it to be taken to the product within a category landing page. Using image tags, we were able to assign an exact call to action on the item and get the products in the carts of the consumers.



During a sales event, the cover of the catalogue would correspond with the homepage banner and the consumer would land on the homepage with a click through to exactly what sparked their interest in their visit. In addition to shopping the image we focussed on commerciality with additional triggers to guide customers throughout core areas of the homepage. Including a best sellers section, the redesigned homepage showcases the wide range of products. We integrated social media content and inspiration with a live Instagram feed, keeping the homepage live and up to date. A large focus is placed on the content section for sustainability to illustrate IKEA's commitment to the environment.



Conceptualized and designed the homepage from UX to final design stage and oversaw development to ensure design was functional.


Design Notes