Cluny Bistro – Bar Mitzvah

Jack's dad reached out to me months before his sons's Bar Mitzvah to have me photograph the special day! He shared with me how mature and polite his son and daughter were, and I knew that I just couldn't wait to meet them. As soon as I arrived at Cluny early on Saturday morning it wasn't long until the Stahl family walked through the doors as I was taking a few shots of the beautiful set up. With a firm handshake and a warm greeting, I knew that right away that Jack was everything his dad had described. What I didn't fully understand was just how amazing this Bar Mitzvah was going to be.

I found myself laughing, smiling, and reacting as a family member would to the memories that they shared of Jack growing up. His little sister, Sophie, was so adorable as she sat in her spot at the table admiring Jack as he did his readings. The whole ceremony was such an amazing representation of Jack becoming a man, and I was so honoured to be the one to capture this!

Mazel Tov Jack!