Exploring Prince Edward Island

This past weekend Amir and I set out to explore Prince Edward Island, a last minute deal we found here. Amir is a landscape photographer so I knew it would be the perfect weekend for me to dive into it a bit more as well. I did have a hidden agenda though, and that was to capture portraits of him doing what he loves. He is so passionate about photography and I wanted to capture that – hidden agenda aside, I'm so excited to share this glimpse into our weekend getaway with you!

Day 1

I purchased these boots right before this trip knowing that my running shoes just wouldn't hold up on this adventure. And I accidentally took 50 pictures of them because alas I fell in love with them, they were ocean-water proof, they gripped so tightly to my in experienced rock climbing shenanigans, and they didn't even give me a single blister! Blog friends, meet my new boots!

Photo #2 of my beloved boots, fast forward three seconds and the tide came right over them!

This weekend adventure was such spent with incredible company, and I'm so excited to share the photos I captured of Amir throughout our weekend. I absolutely love portraits, and this photo had me blushing as soon as I captured it. The light spilling in was like something from a fairytale!

This marble stone I found quickly made it into my pocket for the coolest souvenir!

Our car for the weekend was my dream car to drive!

Watching Amir's approach to his photos throughout the weekend was so interesting! Landscape photography I find to be an art of it's own, and I learned so much from him over the weekend just by watching him work through his shots.

Photo #3 of my boots: are you sick of seeing them yet? I'm so sorry!

This was my favourite moment of the weekend. I climbed up to sit with Amir and looking out at the ocean together was so peaceful, but most importantly these boots looked great at this angle (haha!) Side note: Roots - if you are looking for a brand ambassador I am definitely available for that role!

At night we drove to a fantastic look out spot to see the sunset, and it was so picturesque! I've never watched a moon rise over the horizon until this night, it was absolutely breathtaking.

Day 2

These lobster claws were so huge! I wish I had taken a picture of my hand next to it for scale, it was twice the size!

Eye spy!